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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Treadmaster templates... started

8am is a horrid time to be up. But again I did it. Tim and I intended marking and cutting templates today. We did, but not at 8am when we intended. Nor did we manage as many as I hoped. We marked up for 10 pieces of Treadmaster and we cut 4 half pieces of MDF template, actually finishing at 9pm tonight,

We did a few runarounds too... went to King Malu to pick up the genoa and sail cover as Tim would see Charmaine later in the day and then we went to one of the electronic stores to get a push button switch and a couple of fuses.

Over lunch I went down to the boat and completed the grey and white paintwork. Now what I really wanted was some more Awlgrip T0031 brushing reducer, but I forgot to call Haris at Ocean Marine in Limassol in time before he closed. Just about had enough, but with none to spare!

I between all this Tim and I did some office work and Tim did a trip into the mountains.

So, the big question: Will we actually make it and get a sail on Tuesday?

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