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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Ticking off the list

Today we had a list of things to do:
  • Refit the injector pump on the engine
  • Sand and clean stern, toilet lid and binnacle
  • Modify light fitting to take new switch
  • Epoxy undercoat stern, toilet lid and binnacle
  • Top coat white stern, toilet lid, second toilet seat and binnacle
  • Put 40 litres of diesel in the tank
  • Check the deck templates
  • Epidermix fill final 'dings' in the deck
  • Top coat grey over stern cabin
  • Varnish coat 3
  • Fit new LED bulbs
  • Fit new red LED switch/fitting
  • Bleed the fuel system
  • Replace hoses and check the water system
As you might have guessed... we didn't complete them all. But we did complete most of them, only four left to do. And I did the second coat of black topcoat to the wheel housing and white topcoat the foc'sle which weren't on the list. Pretty good really.

We chatted briefly with George who is sailing Galene to Lebanon over the next few days. Hopefully he will meet up with Mark, who is flying there tomorrow and then will pass over a gas cylinder to bring back. In Cyprus we have only one size of small gas cylinder. And it's too big to fit in the gas locker!

The templates for the Treadmaster were a bit of a pain. They seemed to have shrunk in places and stretched in others. We could not figure that really, but having complete the first Treadmaster laying we knew what we wanted from the templates and have re-jigged them to be as good as we can. On Sunday we hope to cut the wood templates.

Refitting the injector pump? Well, that was also a pain, but one we were expecting. We tried for a hour before lunch, then Tim went to take a friend to Agia Napa and I went into the office to fix a problem since I am 'on call' this week. When we came back I was ensconced in the white top coat and Tim started the battle with the injector pump.

Suddenly he realised that the four studs holding the cogwheel on the front were finger tight. This mean the studs could be removed, as could the cogwheel and then the injector pump fitted in less than 5 minutes. Now that makes it hundreds of times easier.

I then took over from Tim in refitting parts attached to the engine. First problem, it appeared that a long 8cm bolt to hold a bracket on the engine was missing. Hunted high and low and didn't find it. Then tried to fit the tacho sensor to the back of the injector pump. That didn't seem to mate and fit at all.

Final jobs: Tim went to do the Epidermix on the deck.

'Where have you painted?'
'Around the bulls-eye and back from there'

Meanwhile, Mark and I tried to fit the red light fitting. But 'little blue' had disappeared. Little blue is a tiny screw driver. We have only one of this size and its needed to undo/rescrew choc block. So we tidied up in an attempt to find it. And still failed.

'Aiiii... I stood on wet paint. I thought you said only behind the bulls-eye and this is in front of the bulls-eye?'

I suddenly remembered that when I said back I was thinking of back in the sense of working back from the stern to the foc'sle not in the sense of front and back of the boat. In other words 'not that back the other back'. And I also forgot that I had retouched around the gas locker. Ooops... so I had to retouch the paint again.

Oh well... anyhow a really good days work.

I phoned Ken in the evening and he thinks the bolt may be missing from the bracket, and that the tacho sensor should fit. We'll wait till he comes on Saturday and find out.

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