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Sunday, 28 March 2010

High wind produces change of plans

The plan today had been to create the MDF templates for the Treadmaster. But first things first: Normally the wind is lowest at the beginning and end of the day and so we hopes to hoist the genoa and then put the sail bag on it. However, as we arrived the wind was from the south which would have filled the sail and was stronger than we wanted, so we abandoned that idea.

Walking back to the car to go and cut the templates the wind was rising so we called ahead and realised that it would be impossible to cut templates on Tim's fifth floor balcony. So back to King Malu for some onboard work.

Tim worked on fixing a small leak from the galley tap, while I worked on changing the batteries round. We have three banks of batteries: Two 90 hour batteries for navitronics, three 90 hour batteries for domestic and a single 100 hour engine start battery. This required mounting the two navitronics batteries under the sink in the starboard galley. So I moved the batteries around and finished off the battery work. It was nice to see the top of the battery box go on!

George arrived back with Galene... and our gas bottle. So now sometime we can get the cooker fitted.

Then we both began work on finishing the electrics: We purchased a couple of DC to DC converters to ensure that the new LED bulbs get under 13 volts and have a constant voltage. So we took off all the power panels above the chart table and wired those in.  We also started wiring the new chart table lighting in place. To be continued... wiring that is.

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