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Thursday, 1 April 2010

More on templates

Today was yet another early start. We spent a couple of hours before the wind came up layout out, marking and then cutting MDF templates for the Treadmaster. We then took them down to the boat to check. With a couple of small changes they were correct.

After lunch it was time for more templates then back to the boat to check them. However, we got distracted by the engine. It did start a couple of times and run for a short while if we kept the revs up, but wouldn't run at idle and was unreliable starting. Probably still a timing problem.

We had connected up the fresh and raw water systems now and there was quite a leak from one hose on the raw water system which we fixed. But more troubling was the fresh water system wasn't getting warm at all. We suspected the thermostat. However, removing the thermostat proved trickier than we expected. One of the bolts was really jammed into the block and the head was very rounded. The only solution was a pair of mole grips. This worked, but we found the casing for the thermostat was damaged and will need repairing with Prattly's Putty. This is an overnight task.

Basically we have realised that King Malu will not be sailing before I leave for the UK in a weeks time. So next Monday or Tuesday we will go our for a sail in the Wayfarer and get the engine ready for when I get back.

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