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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Gangplank and grey painting

This week in evenings/spare time we finished the gangplank. It's now very solid. The discussion went on about fixing to King Malu. One night while lying awake I thought of using a hole cutter to cut the side holes so that the gangplank would rest between the gate in the pushpit.

However, today Tim came up with a radically better idea: He found some fittings that attach to stainless steel tube that would allow the gangplank to attach to the boarding ladder. It would be both removable and easily raisable too. We need a couple of stainless steel plates made, but this will definitely be the best solution for the gangplank.

Last couple of days I went down at 4pm for a couple of hours to put a coat of grey paint around the cockpit. That is now finished.

Yesterday was a bit of a minor disaster though. Tim had lent me something valuable which I had put into the top pocket of my jacket. On the way off the boat I picked up a piece of wood and in doing so bent over. I am assuming it then dropped out of my pocket. Anyhow I found it was missing when I got to the car and went back to the boat to check. At that point the lock on the boat absolutely refused to budge. So Tim had to come down and break the lock. Today we have a nice new lock. The old one had been getting worse by the week and the new one is a pleasure to open and close.

I'm hoping tomorrow to get the final painting done so that at the weekend we can get Treadmaster down on the saloon roof at the weekend.

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