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Monday, 29 March 2010

Engines are frustrating!

The weather was sadly still not up to getting the genoa rigged, nor was it low enough humidity to paint the deck.

Today was 'carry on getting the engine going' day. And failing again too. However I did manage to get all the electrics finished and have the LED bulbs now all working. The galley looks great with both strip lights and the strip light above the chart table is pretty bright and useful.

I had hoped to trace the electrics for the engine start, but I failed on that. It's very strange, should be straightforward. But then it seems nothing with this engine is straightforward. I don't know how many times we checked and modified the timing on the engine today. However, the biggest problem seemed to be that we were getting air coming out of number 4 cylinder injector rather than pure fuel. We traced the problem throughout and even went to gravity feeding the fuel to bypass the lift pump but still no joy.

I brought down to King Malu the new cooker. Now I need to find a way to mount it where the old one was located. Having a gas cylinder means that we should be able to get the cooker going soon.

Tim chatted with a friend and found a marine diesel engineer to speak to. He thought the engine was a good one and should be possible to get going. He suggested some of the things we had tried and a couple more to try tomorrow. Sadly he is not available to come and help for at least a week.

Oh well... tomorrow is another day.

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