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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Rhodes to Larnaca

The final leg of the voyage - from Rhodes to Larnaca.

As we leave Rhodes an extremely attractive mono-hull comes and moors alongside. Her name is Genevieve. Yes, this is a mega-yacht. The crew have black shirts, which looks smart, but must get incredibly hot in the summer sun of the Mediterranean.
It's time to leave the Greek islands behind.  It should take about 2 days and 2 nights, so we divide the crew into watches so that we can rest and take 3 hour stints at looking after the boat.

This will be a downwind leg the whole way - at least where we have wind, so as soon as we can we get the Main Sail up. This did slightly confuse family who were following the AIS signal as we turned back towards Rhodes to be into the wind. They wondered if we had a problem and were turning back for repairs. It's quite amazing to think that friends and family can watch that kind of detail.

We put the main out to port and the genoa out to starboard. The aim was to run goose-winged as far as possible and pick up what speed we can.

The heat has increased so Olivier decides on what seems total insanity to me. He trails a rope from the back of the boat to create a sort of swimming pool... that is if you hold on to the rope tight enough!

Tim and Geraldine watch from the stern. I'm on the fly bridge slowing the boat down.

Tim joins Olivier in the water. Geraldine, like me, prefers to be over and on the water not in and under it!

And this is what SAGA IV looks like from under it. The GoPro Hero2 certainly proved it's worth.

We arrive in Larnaca approximately 47 hours after leaving Rhodes.

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