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Monday, 19 August 2013

Mykonos to Koufonisi

It was a very early start for Tim and me - we flew from Larnaca to Athens then on to Mykonos. I must admit I don't like flying, and I like turbulence even less. There were quite strong winds coming in to Mykonos and so it was a lot bumpier than I like!

We had been given a GoPro Hero2 camera, a sports camera that is waterproof with a very wide angle 'fish eye' lens. The distortion of the lens take a little getting used to but it captures the action, and I shot quite a lot of video on the trip, which I'll edit into a short film.

Straight from Mykonos airport onto SAGA IV and shortly after set sail for Koufonisi.
The winds were fresh, but Olivier and Gerarldine keen to start the voyage. They were both tired of the strong winds of Mykonos and hoping for lighter winds as we sailed south.
Suddenly I spotted a canoe floating in the water, barely 200 metres on our starboard bow. Olivier brought SAGA round alongside.
We were somewhat concerned we might find a body attached, but when we brought it onboard we found it unoccupied. Most likely it blew off the beach of one of the islands nearby. Tim has been longing for a canoe for a couple of years after trying it in Thailand.
Tim set the lines for fishing. I was not expecting anything as we had caught nothing around Cyprus. However, not long after we got two bites. The port line broke almost immediately but the starboard line held. It was clearly a large fish as the fight was on.

We caught the largest tuna Tim has ever caught... 'Once in a lifetime catch' He was heavily bruised but ecstatic. It was also the largest catch on SAGA IV this season.

Arriving in Koufonisi we set the anchor and settled in for the night... Fresh tuna for dinner!

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