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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Nearly ready for spray painting

We have patched up spots in the hull ready for the antifouling. Wherever there are little pits we touch up with Awlgrip Hull Guard, which we now gather is no longer made. It's a very hard epoxy paint that adheres well to the hull and to which the antifouling adheres.

Having the right chemistry on all the paints so they work together is important.
 We have put up posts and ropes all around the hull ready for the drop clothes. We're looking for the right day/two days for the spray painting. We need two things to come together -- low wind and low humidity. It's essential the humidity is under 50% while we paint and for at least a few hours afterwards. The specification says for up to 96 hours afterwards but we'll never make that.

I did find last time we painted than unless it was under 50% for painting and about 4 hours afterwards then the paint would go matt rather than gloss.
The Honda outboard is now removed and the swimming ladder too... that is being rebuilt into a swimming platform so that getting on and off the boat when it's moored stern to will be a lot easier.

The stern will be hand painted to match in with what we already have.
On the port side there is a part of the deck that has slightly delaminated. So we have removed the flooring and ground back most of the glass fibre. Within the next few days we will lay in about 4 more layers of glass fibre matting and then new treadmaster.
The number of spots may look like King Malu has some sort of disease, but in fact they are all relatively minor. There are a few more on the rudder which always seems to get more problems.

What we do need to find is the right treatment for the propellor so that we don't get so much growth on that!

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