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Monday, 13 May 2013

PCBs. flow meters and components

Today the PCBs, flow meters and parts for the HUI arrived.  The screen printing on the interconnect board is on the wrong side. The IDC terminals are not standard components for the PCB CAD system and ended up being left-right reversed, but this otherwise works well. I look forward to seeing how much neater all the wiring becomes using this system.

The relay board looks good - for next version I shall make the polyfuse holes slightly larger, but that is only change I think. The three relays will be (1) changeover control for pumps (2) internal fresh water pump (3) 12v control for 96v. This should neaten everything up a lot inside the box.

The water sensor needs thinking about mounting. Because the PropEL drive train is a sealed box I had assumed no condensation, but Tim mentioned 'What if there is condensation on the sensor?' We'll play around with this and try to find optimal mounting.

I fitted a new RS232 board to the onboard computer over the weekend, but Windows refused to recognise it without extra drivers. I intended installing today, but the rain was too heavy so didn't actually go down to King Malu.

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