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Sunday, 1 May 2016

MPPT Solar Controller

We installed the new EPEver Tracer 3210A solar charge controller today for testing in King Malu.

This is the first of the new MPPT charge controllers we will be selling as Malu Marine. You can buy it from our website.

We have been evaluating which MPPT controller to use and to sell and this seems the best compromise. Some are very expensive, this one comes in as a complete kit at €229.00.

I was keen to try it out, so installed it immediately. As soon as we had done so I began so see the benefits of MPPT controllers...

08:00 hours
Wind power providing 4 amps...
Silentwind controller showing 4 amps wind power
Sun still low providing 4 amps...
EPEver solar charge controller showing 4.2 amps sun power
13:00 hours
Sun is full, but a little overcast... providing 10.3 amps 
EPEver solar charge controller showing 10.3 amps sun power
Now this shows the power of an MPPT controller compared to a PWM controller: We are getting 8.1 amps at 17.4 volts from the solar cells, ie a total of 140.94 watts being converted into 10.3 amps at 13.5 volts, ie a total of 139.05 watts. This is an efficiency of 98.7%. If it were a PWM controller it would convert the 8.1 amps at 17.4 volts into 8.1 amps at 13.5 volts, which would be an efficiency of 77.6%. In other words the MPPT gives you about 20% more from your solar cells!

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