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Sunday, 14 February 2016


We upgraded our Silentwind generator on King Malu this weekend to the new boost version. The boost version delivers more power at lower wind speeds, which is particularly useful in the Mediterranean where we have more sun and less wind. The upgrade involves two parts: a new generator assembly and a new charge controller.

Having made the change we took out King Malu today in minimal winds. 

We had Beaufort 1-2 and although we didn't get world shattering results we were seeing the wind generator delivering power. Unless your batteries were very flat that would not have happened prior to the boost controller.
The charge controller also integrates solar power and we have installed 300W in six 50W panels. A large number of small panels is better for a sailing boat because the rigging often creates a shadow on the solar panels reducing the output for that panel. All the panels that are unshaded should still deliver full output. Note... remember you need Schottky diodes for each bank or you'll damage the panels that are shaded. 

We have added a stainless steel frame to the back of the boat, made for us by Technometalliki  in Larnaca. This enabled us to mount two 50W solar panels on the stern plus a Webcatcher Antenna.

We are working on some new solar panels for marine use based on an affordable array of small panels to get over the shading problems. We will also be supplying small marine panel combiner boxes using Schottky diodes. Watch this blog for more information.

We have also been doing tests on the Webcatcher Antennas in Larnaca marina. We provide an free access point there in partnership with Cablenet Business.

Webcatcher has three different antenna versions: 8.5 dBi, 10 dBi and 12.5 dBi. The 8.5 dBi works best in a marina close to a high Access Point, but has a more limited range. The 12.5 dBi works best long range but is more limited if you are close to the Access Point on the second story or higher of a building.

All the products mentioned in this post can be purchased from Malu Marine Ltd:
Phone Tim on  +357 99107807 for more information

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  1. Hi Richard,
    I'm planing to build an arch for use with a Silentwind generator and I think yours is really nice and simple build. Would you be able to send me some additional photos of your arch to my email address
    Thanks a lot, Alex