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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Damage to King Malu

Today my son was travelling to the UK so I picked him up to bring him from his flat to our home before taking him to the airport. I drive slowly, very slowly because I was not feeling well. He promptly banned me from taking him to the airport and we phoned a friend to take him instead. I lay down on the couch with a blanket. It was a kind of flu bug that made me feel lacking any energy and just plain unwell.

The phone rang. I didn't want it to. I just wanted to sleep to be honest. It was a friend from the marina who rang to tell me that King Malu had broken free of her mooring and was banging herself on the piling between us and the next berth. I phone Tim, but he's in Nicosia and cannot get to Larnaka for a while. I have to go to the marina and try to sort it out. Most of the family say 'you cannot go, you're ill' but Daniel, my older son, says 'Dad's running on adrenalin now, he'll be OK'.

I got another friend to pick me up and take me down there as I really wouldn't trust myself driving. King Malu is free from the mooring... in fact about 4 metres of the jetty had broken free and she was alongside another boat beating herself to death on a steel mooring. All the mooring lines you connect, and we had connected 4, are useless if all three cleats on the jetty are no longer attached to the jetty!

I asked a friend from the marina to help, as I'm still feeling washed out, but eventually had jump onto a neighbour's boat and then jump from that to King Malu to try to sort out some very long lines and pull her back to the jetty.  She's OK, but the port side is really messed up and will need repair to the gell coat and a complete painting of the hull. This will be the first time the hull is painted as the original manufacturers gell coat has lasted all these years. Sad really.

Amazing what you can do when you're ill, but running on adrenalin!

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