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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Power busbar

One of the things important for electric drives is the power feeding the motor. The EU and US Coastguard have produced a lot of new regulations for electric boats and we have been busy reading them and developing the systems to comply with all the regulations.

Firstly all battery banks must be able to be isolated with double pole isolators. Secondly they must all break down into 48v banks. Thirdly you must not connect them to earth/ground. Fouthly you must monitor and alert the user if there is earth/ground leakage...

I must admit that to start with I thought they were a pain, but having developed them I now realise that they really help and have found none of them that are un-necessary.

End users, of course, are not really interested in complexity. They want it simple. So I have designed a PCB to integrate all the power control systems into the touch screen controller. Worked first time... well, actually second time but I was thrilled to see how easy it makes it for normal sailors.

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