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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Sailing with John and Heather

The intention had been to take John and Heather, two friends I had known for more than 28 years out for a sail. But there was no wind!
So what to do? Motor round to Finikoudes, anchor and get out the paddling canoe we found in the middle of the Aegean while sailing back to Larnaca on SAGA IV.

Other people had noisier ideas! JetSkis can be dangerous as many of the riders don't know the 'rules of the road' for sailing. But mainly they are just plain noisy. And sailing is quiet... normally!

Yes, it's October in the Mediterranean and so still warm in the water.

I think of this as 'Tim's canoe' as he hauled it from the water in the Aegean. And though I love boats, this is definitely more of a water craft and involved getting wet. No, not for me.

Tim took the opportunity to clean the outboard.

Then motor back to the marina.

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