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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Restoration... and repair

One of the long term jobs we have been doing is rewiring the electrics. Simple enough... except we had to make the panels, and completely redo the woodwork around the chart table.

Today was the start of the end of this process... varnishing the woodwork. I managed to get two coats on and tomorrow hopefully the third and possibly last coat. Then start installing the panels and wiring!

A repair job we completed today was the mounting brackets for the outboard motor.

When we removed the outboard for servicing we found that the right angle aluminium mounting brackets had fractured and were on their way to failing and dropping our outboard in the sea. So... repair was critical... but somehow we managed to measure incorrectly and so the CAD drawings, when transferred to 4mm stainless steel, were wrong and had to have Louis, our friendly engineer, redrill them.

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