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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Cosmetic work on King Malu

We have recently had the mattresses recovered and the cabins much looked better but... the problem was the boards across the stern were rough marine ply and looked really bad. So we bought some 2cm form rubber and then upholstered them in the same material.

Tim brought some teak wood carvings back from Thailand and these just offset it.

The photo doesn't really do it justice, I will bring down a better camera for some cabin photos after we get the seats reupholstered. These will be done in Beirut. When we were over there last weekend we got a quote for that work, so next time we go over we will get that done too.

The for'ard cabin has access to the chain locker right at the forepeak and this also looked rough, so we made another panel and finished that cabin too.

The sail locker was beginning to look rough too, with extra wires and water pipes. So we boxed that in and will paint with bilge paint next week.

What is encouraging is to move from purely safety/functional work to cosmetic. More and more King Malu is becoming homely.

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